Cloud Transformations helps business managers plan their cloud transformation efficiently and save up to 70% of service overhead.

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Why Cloud Transformations?

Cloud Computing is NOT for everyone!

Cloud transformations is designed to help customers plan their cloud transformation efficiently. With hundreds of cloud vendors, it is impossible for a technology team to figure out a transformation plan. Using an advanced cloud platform, we figure out which applications are transferable by calculating advanced metrics for each transferable application and provide advices to save the most while keeping the same or better quality of the current system. Even if you have your applications on the Cloud, you will surprised how much can you save by switching from one Cloud vendor to another.
Our customers are saving up to 70% of their technology overhead by transforming one or more of their applications and to the right vendor. Because Cyber Analytics LLC is independent of the cloud vendors, we serve on the side of the customer to give the true advice. If you are thinking of transforming to the cloud or already transformed, check out our system first, our initial report is 100% Free. There is nothing to lose but all to save.

Who needs Cloud Transformations?

Every Small and Medium sized Business is candidate for Cloud Computing either partial or in full. Even if your business is already using some cloud services, you can still dramatically save when you create a strategy for utilizing Cloud Computing

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How it Works?

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    Cloud Transformations Step 1: The first step in our process is the interview. Our clients can either invite us to their office to diagnose all the company assets and take notes or fill up an interview questionnaire on their convenience. The questionnaire is composed of 30 to 35 questions.

  • Fully Responsive

    Basic Report

    100% FREE Basic Report

    Cloud Transformations Step 2: Upon collecting the answers from the interview, our team of general cloud architects will create a list of assets that are candidates to be transferred to the Cloud with high chance of savings.

  • Fully Responsive

    Full Report

    Full Report

    Cloud Transformations Step 3: Full report is our ultimate offering and provides detailed architectural designs, migration recommendations, main vendors in each transformation section, and estimates of savings. It is performed by experts both on Cloud Computing and the subject domain. Our expert team consists of market leaders with proven record of success.

850 Cloud Vendors
30 Cloud Services
1 One Company that can help

Pricing Methods

We price by Asset
The more we help you save, the more you reward us.

  • Basic Report
    • List of Assets
    • Availability of better services
    • Vendors
    • Managed Service Providers
    • Estimated Savings
    • Recommendations
  • Full Report
    • Billed by Report
    • Vendor insights
    • Market research
    • Architecture details
    • Compliance report
    • Security recommendations
    • Saving Calculations

Still not sure if you should try our service?

Our basic report is 100% Free. If we can't find assets and savings in your firm, we will not offer you a full report. You have nothing to lose but all to save.
report is provided for FREE with recommendations to what should be done next. It is totally up to our great customers to decide how to proceed to the next level.
In addition, we let our customers benefit from the discounts that we receive from the different vendors. This report is life savour for small and medium businesses; it discloses any hidden facts in a transformation plan. We do not work for cloud vendors and work on the side of the consumer to avoid unnecessary high-cost transformations. Register today to receive our white paper that explains our offerings in more details.

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